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Telling your story

We are story tellers that will enable you to deliver your marketing, commercial and service messages using the power of video. What you do and how you do it is an important story to get right.  We listen to understand what you do and then create the story.  Having a video greatly increases viewer retention on your website or social channel and also increases the likelihood of someone buying from you.  We work with you ensuring that your message is clear to understand and we are driven by what it is that you actually want to do! We have been doing this since 2001 and work with a wide range of businesses and services.  Based in Bucks, we work all over the UK and beyond.  So if you have a message to distribute and don’t know how to do this, then call us for a chat.  We are always very happy to advise. Our specialities are social media, testimonials where your customer talks about YOU.
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Let your customer talk for you

Your best sales team is your customer, so let them talk for you. Capturing a short testimonial film about your products and services will enable your customers to work for you by telling your story.  By creating a short film from an existing user we capture what it is that you do to excite other people to do the same.  We then take this content and break it into smaller clips for use on social platforms giving people the choice of what to watch.  People are more likely to buy from you if they can see an existing customer talking about what you do for them. We have a journalistic approach to capture all the important stuff about you.  Don’t be shy, let’s get your story out there.

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Need a film but can’t film? – Let us show you how

Let us help you to become film makers. Allow us to show you the “How to” methods in video production. Using nothing more than your phone, we show you how to get the best out of this to create simple short messages.  These days some videos have a very short shelf life so if you have the right skills you can take the benefit of making your own videos.  Our background is in BBC TV and we know how to do things properly. Each workshop is designed to meet a particular need. We can also be on hand during your projects to help guide you further.

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Do you need help editing your self shot content?

With the current Covid-19 restrictions in place, video has never been a more important or powerful communication, sales or training tool.  Business must continue to flourish and using video to distribute messages to customers or staff is critical in the absence of face to face meetings.

Filming yourself is a good plan and a necessity at the moment, but do you have the bandwidth or skills to edit this material to a high enough standard? Let us do this for you, all you do is send us the content electronically and we do the rest!

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