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Film Student


Basic Camera Operations

​​Do you want to learn how to film using your camera or smartphone?  Learn from professionals.  Our workshop will show you the hints and tips and how to avoid pitfalls.  Perhaps you need to film a colleague, product or film yourself.  Whatever you need we can help you achieve better results. This workshop focuses on filming only.  Virtual attendance can be incorporated.


Breakdown of workshop. 

  1. Filming tutorial

  2. Break out filming session with facilitator on hand to assist

  3. Review and critique


  • Assumed knowledge – none

  • Equipment needed – your camera phone


Learning Objectives of How to Film workshop

  • To be able to set up and conduct basic camera or smartphone operations

  • High level technical awareness of various camera features on your phone

  • How to plan a shoot

  • Microphones and Lenses - 

  • Lighting awareness

  • How to set up a “talking head” scenario

  • Filming techniques

  • How to coach presenter

  • How to export for editing

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