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It's all about our process.

Do you want to learn how to edit your self shot content better?   Perhaps you have a tight turnaround or just want to learn to do this yourself.  Editing is a time consuming and fiddly process which is often best left to the experts but simple editing is possible.  Learn from the professionals and let us show you the best practice and pitfalls.  You may want to follow on from our filming workshop or perhaps you have already have shot some content to edit.

Breakdown of workshop, approx. 4 hours (currently on Zoom due to COVID-19)

  1. Editing tutorial

  2. Break out editing session with facilitator on hand (virtually) to assist

  3. Review and critique


  • Assumed knowledge – none

  • Equipment needed – your laptop loaded with editing software (recommended software is Adobe Rush which is part of Creative Cloud)

Learning Objectives of How to Edit workshop:

  • Raise awareness of how to edit

  • To be able to set up and conduct basic editing  to deliver end result

  • High level technical awareness of various features of Adobe Rush

  • How to plan the project

  • Understanding sequences

  • Importing and editing tools

  • Simple editing techniques

  • Adding captions and logos

  • Adjusting sound

  • Exporting file for social media

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