Editing Self Shot Content

Do you need help with editing self shot content?

Filming yourself is easier these days with modern equipment but editing remains a time consuming and fiddly process and can take much longer to edit than it takes to film.  You probably have a long list of other pressing needs, and little time to set aside for editing video content, so let us take the editing strain away and allow you to focus on your day activities.  Our experienced editor is highly experienced, super fast and efficient and will deliver a better end result faster than if you tried yourself.

How does it work?

We will first offer some advice in advance on how to film better content in the first place, then you simply send us your content either on an SD card (after you take a copy) or transfer the content online.  We then assemble the content as briefed.  Not only will we assemble the content, we will colour correct the footage, adjust the sound where possible, adding logos, captions and graphics paying attention to your brand guidelines.  We can also add music if needed, all adding up to a professional feel to the video.  We will send you an approval copy for comments before finalising and then issue the final version for you to distribute.

Allow us to help you to make better looking videos with fast turnaround times at affordable prices.

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