Smartphone & iPhone filming and editing workshop

This is our most popular one day workshop.   Helping you to record your own simple videos direct from your iPhone or Smartphone, and then showing you how to edit and share the content.  As more social networks follow Facebook’s lead and prioritize video content, the importance of video messaging across all channels has increased.  Our video training workshops help you to create more professional content and a greater volume with your own existing devices.  With our extensive careers in broadcast television and high end corporate video production, you can learn from the professionals.  

The morning is spent getting familiar with and recording a message and the afternoon spent on how to set up and edit the recording, ending up with an exported video file.  We also show you how to add simple captions and slides. We use your equipment and your laptop, but we bring our equipment as well.  

  • Assumed knowledge – none
  • Equipment needed – your camera and laptop
  • Editing software – recommend download of Adobe Creative Cloud

Learning Objectives:

  • To be able to set up and conduct basic video shooting
  • High level technical awareness of various camera features
  • Why and how to use correct microphones
  • How to set up a “talking head” interview scenario
  • Practical hands on sessions
  • Why is editing important
  • How to set up a your first edit project
  • Basic timeline assembly, laying out of master sequence and how to pick best bits – use of video tracks for each asset line
  • Awareness of title tool and how it works
  • How to add in logos and captions
  • Awareness of how to add licence music
  • Awareness of export options and where to use
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How to film workshops – All workshops £225pp (+VAT)

Learn from us the right way to film using your equipment in one of our popular technical workshops. We come to you to show you how.  In small groups we focus on how to get the best out of your equipment, showing you the best tricks of the trade to get you up and running to help you create simple videos or make better ones.  Run by ex BBC cameraman and award winning coach you will develop your skills.

These are private workshops on your premises with each workshop tailored to address your needs. Each workshop is split into sessions focussing on the key elements you need to know with plenty of hands on time for you to learn from us.

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