Need a simple webcast then Quick Mix can help

Quick Mix is a simple Live Streaming service from Tympani.  It is aimed at those events where you need more quality, and have more inputs to show than you can from Zoom or Teams, but you do not need the complexities of a high-end produced show.  Perhaps you have a product launch, Town Hall or AGM meeting, or you need to train your teams more effectively. Quick Mix can help. Reduce or eliminate travel costs and time, with the option to record and play back, Quick Mix is the perfect solution to allow you to work in the new world.

Quick Mix live streaming to multiple streaming platforms

How does it work?

It’s simple, our small crew simply setup at your location, set up and off we go. We can vision mix live between 4 video sources.  These could be cameras, laptops, other devices that show a moving screen, in fact anything that we can plug an HDMI cable into.

The output is then streamed live to popular streaming destinations.  We supply the technical skills to your content, allowing you to focus on the message. Recordings are also made to allow future use of the content.

Keeping your teams safe

COVID has shown us the need to work differently.  Quick Mix can help to allow you to communicate in a better way, allowing your teams to view and participate online whilst remaining safe.  Even after COVID, this new way of working is here to stay so cut down on travel time and expenses and use Quick Mix on your next event.

Where can it be used?

Quick Mix gives a professional look to any event with options to record.  It is suitable for:

  • product demonstrations
  • remote training
  • team meetings
  • AGM’s
  • presentations

In fact anywhere you need the flexibility to mix multiple video sources together for a seamless broadcast.

What does it cost?

We send two people with broadcast quality cameras, sound and lighting equipment plus our clever mixer. Costs start from £1,100 exclusive of VAT.

You remain in control of the content and keep your teams safe. COVID is showing us the need to work differently with smaller groups collaborating more often without all the sparkle of a high end event.