Advanced Video Camera & Sound Operations workshop

Video camera training

Got a camera but want to know how to use it better and create more professional results? This course looks purely at video camera and sound operation using your device, or camera. We will go through the settings and menus to make you aware of what they all mean and how and when to apply them.

Through practical hands-on training sessions we will work with you so you know more and be able to work faster and better. Building on the introduction workshop we also run, this film training course builds on your existing knowledge. The workshop focuses on the video camera and how to use it better, we will record and playback some practical situations so you can see more.

  • Assumed knowledge – builds on our introduction workshop, or if you already have some knowledge to improve on
  • Equipment needed – your camera

Learning Objectives:

  • To be aware of the menu structure on the camera
  • Perspective, 2D vision of a camera
  • Framing and composition
  • Headroom, rule of thirds
  • Typical microphones and how to position them – omnidirectional vs cardioid
  • Be aware of the impact and difference in looking to the side of the camera and to interviewee
  • Have an awareness of shooting environment, source best locations
  • To see the differences in how lighting can improve the most basic of set ups
  • Shot consideration
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How to film workshops – All workshops £225pp (+VAT)

Learn from us the right way to film using your equipment in one of our popular technical workshops. We come to you to show you how.  In small groups we focus on how to get the best out of your equipment, showing you the best tricks of the trade to get you up and running to help you create simple videos or make better ones.  Run by ex BBC cameraman and award winning coach you will develop your skills.

These are private workshops on your premises with each workshop tailored to address your needs. Each workshop is split into sessions focussing on the key elements you need to know with plenty of hands on time for you to learn from us.

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